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The Capital Ring - A Walk London Project

A Capital Ring Signpost . The photo shows a typical Capital Ring signpost with the distinctive green background and Big Ben logo, so watch out for these when you are walking. Photo: Gordon Clarke

The Capital Ring, one of the 6 strategic walks, is a 75 mile, 120 km, circular walk promoted in 15 sections all within 10 miles radius of Central London. The walk connects 47 stations with more than 50 parks and open spaces.

Listen using one of the links below:

Walk 1 Woolwich to Falconwood (MP3, 6.7Mb, 9'40")
Walk 2 Falconwood to Grove Park (MP3, 8.3Mb, 8'26")
Walk 3 Grove Park to Crystal Palace (MP3, 13.1Mb, 18'57")
Walk 4 Crystal Palace to Streatham Common (MP3, 5.7Mb, 8'12")
Walk 5 Streatham Common to Wimbledon Park (MP3, 9.1Mb, 13'15")
Walk 6 Wimbledon Park to Richmond Bridge (MP3, 11.3Mb, 16'20")
Walk 7 Richmond Bridge to Osterley Lock (MP3, 10.3Mb, 14'52")
Walk 8 Osterley Lock to Greenford (MP3, 9.5Mb, 13'46")
Walk 9 Greenford to South Kenton (MP3, 15.4Mb, 22'14")
Walk 10 South Kenton to Hendon Park (MP3, 10.2Mb, 14'46")
Walk 11 Hendon Park to Highgate (MP3, 10.5Mb, 15'08")
Walk 12 Highgate to Stoke Newington (MP3, 16.4Mb, 23'42")
Walk 13 Stoke Newington to Hackney Wick (MP3, 12.2Mb, 17'40")
Walk 14 Hackney Wick to Beckton District Park (MP3, 8.8Mb, 17'40")
Walk 15 Beckton District Park to Woolwich Foot Tunnel (MP3, 6.0Mb, 8'41")

The Strategic Walking Network of London provides nearly 350 miles, 580km, of promoted accessible paths connecting some of the finest parks and open spaces in London with historic landmarks, popular visitor attractions and the web of public transport links. The six signposted and waymarked walks, each have their own unique qualities which are described in detail in a series of leaflets available for free from many tourist information centres and libraries across the Capital and direct from Walk London at, or telephone 0870 240 6094.

The information for these walks has now been produced in audio format as MP3 files so that you can download them and listen while you walk. The walks are also on the Walk London website, Maps of all the walks are on the site so if you want to download and print them off, this is the place to look.

As each section of the walk can stand alone the welcome and introduction has been included on each one.

The recordings were made by Julia Ionides and Peter Howell of the Dog Rose Trust of Ludlow, who also wrote the audio scripts. You may recognize the voice for the Welcome as the actor John Challis, Boycie from Only Fools and Horses and The Green Green Grass. The readers are Gil Sutherland and Paul Rew.

For further information can be obtained from the book, The Capital Ring by Colin Saunders.

The audio is copyright to the Dog Rose Trust and Walk London. The MP3 files may be downloaded for personal use only.