Dog Rose Sound

An Acoustic Fingerprint Guide of Chichester Cathedral

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This is one of the many acoustic fingerprint guides made of Cathedrals by Dog Rose. Some things may have changed over the years but the character and atmosphere of the building remains the same. We hope that you enjoy it.

Listen using one of the links below:

Track 1: Bells, Introduction and Layout of the Cathedral (MP3, 9.1Mb, 9'46")
Track 2: Baptistry, South Choir Aisle and Pulpit (MP3, 10.1Mb, 11'00")
3: South Transept with choir rehearsal and organ music, Trumpet Tune by John Stanley (MP3, 8.7Mb, 9'29")
4: South Choir Aisle (MP3, 6.2Mb, 6'46")
5: Retrochoir and Lady Chapel (MP3, 12.1Mb, 13'15")
6: The Choir and an Anthem from Evensong (MP3, 10.5Mb, 11'27")
7: North Transept and the Organ (MP3, 7.3Mb, 8'00")

The font at Chichester Cathedral