Dog Rose Sound

Border Voices - Clun Valley Oral History

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In 2006 recordings were made by the Dog Rose Trust of people living in Clun and Newcastle. These recordings have been edited up into subjects and will be put up on this site over the next months.

Listen using one of the links below:

Clun during the war (MP3, 626.0kb, 0'50")
Clun during the war 2 (MP3, 1.7Mb, 5'07")
Wartime in Newcastle on Clun (MP3, 4.5Mb, 2'54")
Sheila Hamer remembers the war (MP3, 823.3kb, 1'07")
Frank Wells (MP3, 5.0Mb, 5'24")
Col Raymond Savill (MP3, 2.6Mb, 2'48")