Dog Rose Sound

A Walk Around Clun

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This is an audio tour of the small historic town of Clun in Shropshire.

Listen using one of the links below:

Introduction (MP3, 4.1Mb, 4'27")
1. The Bridge over the River Clun (MP3, 2.5Mb, 2'40")
2. St George's Church (MP3, 7.0Mb, 7'15")
3. The Market Square (MP3, 3.1Mb, 3'25")
4. Clun Castle (MP3, 4.5Mb, 4'48")
5. Trinity Hospital (MP3, 6.1Mb, 6'34")
6. Waterloo (MP3, 3.0Mb, 3'12")

This tour will take you around the town, starting by the medieval bridge, in the Company of Eric Sayce and his Guide Dog Harry. On his way he meets people who tell him more about the place. There are 7 tracks including an introduction.

The photographs used for each track come from the archives of Clun Museum. These have now been put on a digital photo-frame which is on display in the Museum.

The narrator is Paul Rew, a voice many may recognize as he has worked with Dog Rose Sound for many years and the music is by international composer Adrian Williams. It was specially composed for this project and is called Clun Streams and Valleys.

The Black and white photo shows Clun in a valley between hills. The church dominates the northern part of the town and the southern part is still laid out near the Castle in the Norman grid pattern.
An aerial view of Clun