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A Guide to Hardwick Hall

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Listen using one of the links below:

1. Introduction and the Great Hall (MP3, 4.3Mb, 4'41")
2. History of Hardwick Hall and the Great Staircase (MP3, 3.8Mb, 4'11")
3. The Drawing Room (MP3, 2.4Mb, 2'40")
4. The Staircase, Tapestries and the Story of Arabella Stuart (MP3, 2.6Mb, 2'50")
5. The High Great Chamber (MP3, 6.3Mb, 6'55")
6. The Long Gallery (MP3, 4.9Mb, 5'22")
7. Three Bedrooms (MP3, 8.8Mb, 9'37")
8. Dining Room, Paved Room and Chapel (MP3, 4.4Mb, 4'50")
9. The Kitchen and the End of the Tour (MP3, 3.1Mb, 3'23")

Bess of Hardwick's carved initials at Hardwick Hall