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Jubilee Walkway

The Queen, wearing a white and silver coat and hat, unveils the tactile panel in Parliament Square watched by the Duke of Edinburgh and Hugo Vickers, chairman of the Jubilee Walkway Trust. A ballon is tied to the stand of the panel to wish the Queen and Duke a very happy diamond wedding anniversary.
The Queen launches the new tactile panel in Parliament Square

A walking tour which will take you past 33 of the capital's most important and popular attractions.

Listen using one of the links below:

1. Leicester Square (MP3, 950.0kb, 1'5")
2. The National Gallery (MP3, 1.3Mb, 1'42")
3. Trafalgar Square (MP3, 1.3Mb, 1'42")
4. Admiralty Arch (MP3, 2.0Mb, 2'47")
5. St. James's Park (MP3, 2.5Mb, 3'25")
6. Buckingham Palace (MP3, 989.3kb, 1'13")
7. Westminster Abbey (MP3, 1.3Mb, 1'40")
8. Houses of Parliament (MP3, 1.6Mb, 2'09")
9. Lambeth Palace (MP3, 793.4kb, 0'55")
10. Thames Path National Trail (MP3, 758.4kb, 0'54")
11. The London Aquarium (, 804.1kb, 0'16")
12. The London Eye (MP3, 605.6kb, 0'42")
13. The South Bank Centre (MP3, 958.6kb, 1'11")
14. Tate Modern (MP3, 421.9kb, 0'23")
15. Millennium Bridge (MP3, 486.8kb, 0'31")
16. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (MP3, 585.1kb, 0'43")
17. Southwark Cathedral (MP3, 515.9kb, 1'37")
18. HMS Belfast (MP3, 667.8kb, 0'50")
19. Tower Bridge (MP3, 825.9kb, 1'01")
20. St Katherine's Dock (MP3, 1.5Mb, 1'55")
21. Tower of London (MP3, 1.8Mb, 2'27")
22. The Bank of England (MP3, 2.5Mb, 3'28")
23. Guildhall Art Gallery (MP3, 1.0Mb, 1'18")
24. Barbican Centre (MP3, 1.3Mb, 1'45")
25. Museum of London (MP3, 1.5Mb, 2'4")
26. St Paul's Cathedral (MP3, 798.0kb, 0'53")
27. Fleet Street and Bloomsbury (MP3, 1.8Mb, 2'21")
28. British Library (MP3, 1.5Mb, 1'58")
29. British Museum (MP3, 2.0Mb, 2'41")
30. Sir John Soane's Museum (MP3, 1.2Mb, 1'30")
31. Royal Opera House (MP3, 1003.8kb, 1'12")
32. London Transport Museum (MP3, 995.9kb, 1'12")
33. National Portrait Gallery (MP3, 482.1kb, 0'32")

Originally set up for the Her Majesty the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977, the Jubilee Walk was relaunched for the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002. This is a grand tour on foot of London's leading attractions, taking in the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, Bank of England, St Paul's Cathedral and many more. Many of these are lit up so the walk can be taken after dark as well as during the day.

Panoramic panels were introduced in 1980, not only on the Walkway itself, but also on the Embankment and on many of London's bridges to identify the buildings along the way. These have been unveiled by many distinguished people including The Queen and Nelson Mandela.

The route is way-marked with silver discs set into the pavements with the dome of St Paul's Cathedral overlaid on the Crown and the words Jubilee Walkway.