Dog Rose Sound

Listening to Ludlow - a Tour of the Town

A view of Ludlow from Whitcliffe

Listen using one of the links below:

1. Introduction (MP3, 4.4Mb, 4'44")
2 Start of the Walk and Castle Square (MP3, 3.7Mb, 3'54")
3 Quality Square, Church Street and the Buttercross (MP3, 5.4Mb, 5'46")
4 College Street and the Churchyard (MP3, 4.2Mb, 4'30")
5 The Readers House and the Bull Yard (MP3, 2.9Mb, 3'02")
6 The Feathers Inn and The Bull Ring (MP3, 3.9Mb, 4'06")
7 Fish Street and into Broad Street (MP3, 3.6Mb, 3'51")
8 Down Broad Street to the Broadgate (MP3, 2.6Mb, 2'47")
9 Under the Broad Gate and to Ludford Bridge (MP3, 3.2Mb, 3'25")
10 Silk Mill Lane, Bell Lane and Mill Street (MP3, 4.4Mb, 4'41")
11 Credits (MP3, 1.5Mb, 1'31")

Listening to Ludlow is an audio picture of the Shropshire town which includes interviews with local people, the sounds of the town, medieval music and lots more. Also included in the project are a tour of the town, the Castle and St Laurence's Church. All these recordings are also available as MP3 downloads and on CD; contact the Dog Rose Trust on 01584 874567 if you would like copies or ask at Ludlow Visitor Information centre.

As part of the project a tactile has been produced with Braille, maps and images of important features of the town.

The Listening to Ludlow project was funded by the Shropshire Access Partnership and a South Shropshire Disability Access Grant.

Music is by Fleur de Lys, Ludlow Primary School and the narrators are Paul Rew, Ian Barge, Guy Whitmarsh and Antonia O'Kennedy with contributions from the people of Ludlow.