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About Ludlow Food Festival

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About Ludlow Food Festival is a series of interviews and sounds from the Food Festivals in 2010. These are to give you an idea of what the Festivals can offer; there are two each year, one in early May and the other in September. Further details will be put on the Dog Rose Trust website as they become available.

Listen using one of the links below:

Introduction (MP3, 714.0kb, 2'19")
Interviews and Music part 1 (MP3, 4.7Mb, 20'34")
Interviews and Music part 2 (MP3, 1.7Mb, 7'32")
Interviews and Music Part 3 (MP3, 1.8Mb, 7'46")
Will Holland of La Becasse, Ludlow (MP3, 3.6Mb, 15'55")