Dog Rose Sound

A Walk to Mitchell's Fold

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Track 1 (MP3, 1.9Mb, 2'47")
Track 2 (MP3, 2.2Mb, 3'15")
Track 3 (MP3, 1.9Mb, 2'48")
Track 4 (MP3, 3.5Mb, 5'02")
Track 5 (MP3, 2.2Mb, 3'15")
Track 6 (MP3, 2.7Mb, 3'56")
Track 7 (MP3, 5.4Mb, 7'51")
Track 8 (MP3, 3.6Mb, 5'17")
Track 9 (MP3, 3.2Mb, 4'43")
Track 10 (MP3, 3.7Mb, 5'23")
Track 11 (MP3, 4.2Mb, 6'10")

This recording takes the listener up the track to the mysterious stone circle called Mitchell's Fold in the heart of beautiful South Shropshire. The recording includes information about the history and mythology of the stone and the wildlife of the area and lots more. Take a walk up there sometime and listen out for the ghostly bagpiper.

Taking part are Eric Sayce, Tom Wall, Paul Saunders, Peter Philips, Paul Rew, Gill Mayhew and Stephen Harding.

The music, Shropshire Hills,  is by international composer Adrian Williams.