Dog Rose Sound

An Acoustic Fingerprint Guide to Winchester Cathedral

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Listen using one of the links below:

Bells, Welcome, Introduction and History and Layout of the Cathedral (MP3, 2.6Mb, 10'23")
1. Nave and North Nave Aisle (MP3, 2.1Mb, 9'19")
2. North Transept (MP3, 2.0Mb, 8'54")
3. North Quire Aisle and North Retroquire (MP3, 1.6Mb, 7'11")
4. The Lady Chapel (MP3, 3.5Mb, 15'17")
5. The Quire (MP3, 2.9Mb, 12'33")
6. South Aisle and South Transept (MP3, 1.6Mb, 6'51")

The front cover of the original cassette of Winchester Cathedral